Friday, 24 June 2011

Proof French footballer Thierry Henry becomes a Muslim - et l'Islam

The French footballer Thierry Henry, who played in one of the world’s most famous clubs and is still a member of the French national squad, tells al-Jazeera how he became a Muslim.

"Since many friends of mine, who I feel very close to converting to Islam, as PhilippeChristanval, Nicholas Anelka, Peter Luccin, Eric Abidal, Franck Ribery, Didier andDomy, I do not know how to explain but I felt very close to Islam, I consider religion is best for me if ever I were to convert to a religion, and virtually all its rites.

That's why I consider religion with which I have more affinity [literal translation: religion closest to my heart.

But against, Islam says that human beings must first believe, and I now I have not announced anything, but I understand Islam more than any other religion. It is indeedsad to see many people who have no desire to understand Islam.

They believe that Muslims are terrorists, an idea that some are trying to make and I think it's really sad, because the reality is very different. I know some things aboutIslam, and I think it is far from that image. A Muslim is above all a being with a big heart.

It is also sad to see that some cases are used globally by some to get the wrong message, and I do not know why.

And I always say, if a person believes in god, it must also believe in the Koran and the last messenger. "

Many people prefer to keep it private. Thierry Henry grew up in South Paris, a predominantly Muslim area.

FACT: Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and twenty thousand Americans embrace Islam every year! 

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hamza said...

Islam is the true religion and God will never accept any religion which is not Islam. So get saved by beleiving in Allah and Muhammad as His last messeger.

Sannab said...

Say, allah is one. Allah is he on whom all depend. He begets not, nor is he begotten. And there is none like him. I believ in allah, his messanger (pbuh), his book (koran) his engles, and the lastday. And in d religion (islam) i regard islam d only true religion in this world.

Faheem Nasir Al Din said...

Surely the truth kept undercover and still i wonder why Kufar spreads innovation bout ISLAM that ISLAM is the Terror religion.but lemme put some thing clearer which some peeps a'int understand..first when gab bout ISLAM you should understand what does the word ISLAM means..(ISLAM) means >> ppl are hard to understand it.
And ISLAM is Tolerance,cuz its ppl are taught humility and they follow Qur'an and Sunnah..but surely ALLAH guards ISLAM...just as prod dont claim ISLAM is the Terror Religion while you a'int a Muslim and you a'int read it.

Get my fat ass fit said...

Firstly, I would like to point out telling people they should believe In Islam without explaining why doesn't set good views on Islam. The amount of comments I read on posts, YouTube and other media outlets leave me shocked. And I am a British Muslim, with Arab origins.

I would invite anyone who says Islam is the religion of terrorists to read the Qur'an. You will find, our beliefs are not so alien to each other. We too believe in Jesus as some may not understand. We just believe in him as a prophet pbuh. Our commandments are the same. We are peaceful. I understand what Thierry Henry said, it is sad that the idea of some doing this is sad. These terrorist who use the name of Allah and Islam for their fight are in my eyes not true Muslims. If I wasn't Muslim and looking in on media coverage and the representation of Islam, I too would have islamaphobia. But being Muslim and knowing my book and what it tells us, I can while heartily tell you, that what we see in the media is not Islam. I invite you to watch a very wise man sheikh Ahmed Deedat, videos available on YouTube. I simply invite you to learn about Islam before you judge. I'm not asking people to convert, but just to read the entire Qur'an before you pass judgements.

One thing I have realised, is how people try and force their belief in religion. It is not what it is about. If you have a true belief in your religion, be it Islam, Judaism, Christianity or any other religion for that matter, we should all live peacefully side by side. Be more understanding and let people live the way they believe, because if you have a true belief, and live like a decent honest human being, that should be enough for peace between you and God. I a Muslim, follow my religion peacefully. Have true faith. Have friend from all walks of life and religion, we live happily because I don't impose my beliefs on them and vice versa. It is not our place to judge.

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