Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The 10 Elements Of Success

Below are 10 qualities that were identified by psychologists who studied people who were successful in this world;

1.  Every successful person has a strong sense of purpose...
Our Purpose is Allah (God) the almighty.

2.  Role models and mentors
We have the best of role models and mentors the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his companions.

3.  Strength of visualising your goal
Companions of the prophet were determined of success by the words promised by the prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

4.  Positive sensory - think of past successes not failures.

5.  Self assurances - know that you can succeed.

6.  Plan, Organise and Prioritise.

7.  Ability to require necessary skills to succeed - identify your weaknesses

8.  Patience (Sabr) - Be patient and enjoin others two it.  Qibar and lack of patience are two reasons for our destruction and tribulations.

9.  Nifaq : Hypocrisy is a substitute for 'Nifaq'.  We should not feel safe from hypocrisy, purify and preserve your hearts and minds.

10. Love What Your Doing...  We have to love what we are doing.

Video which explains further, the steps mentioned above...

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